Neuer IFR-A-Partner in Frankreich

Wir sind Mitglied der IFR-A (International Food Recruitment Alliance) – ein Zusammenschluss von internationalen Personalberatungen, die in ihrem jeweiligen Markt führend im Recruiting für die Lebensmittelindustrie sind.

Seit Sommer hat die IFR-A einen neuen Partner in Frankreich: LeaderIA International Search, Paris

Hier stellt sich unser neuer Partner selbst vor:

Created in 2009, LeaderIA International Search is a leading consultancy specialized in the food industry, from the field to the fork through 4 branches : production (agriculture, collection, agricultural supply, etc.), processing (ingredients, nutrition, life sciences, etc.), distribution (logistics, retail, foodservice, export, and industry) and consumption-hotel-catering.

We are specialized in Board positions, sales / marketing, production and support functions.
Our research and consultants team works with direct approach methods and enjoys a very large network of experts – a network that we animate on a very regular basis for over 11 years thanks to round tables, workshops for candidates, and special events dedicated to our sector of intervention.

Our 5-E values tell much about our philosophy: we Enjoy working as a team which works with Ethics and an Entrepreneurial dimension to meet your Expectations and lead you to Excellence.

For more information please contact Anaïs Deleau at 0033 670486782 or by email to or have a look at the website

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