Rau Consultants’ salary database is probably the biggest such information source for the food industry. It is constantly being updated. Access to information about market compensation levels is complimentary and without any obligation.

Rau Consultants' Salary Survey for the Food Industry

Here you can find up-to-date excerpts from our Salary Survey for the Food Industry for 29 positions in all functional areas and levels of management.

The indicated salaries refer to the total annual pay and include the gross salary (including holiday pay and Christmas bonus) and fringe benefits of companies for their employees, such as received variable components, the company car (based on the 1% rule) and company pension schemes.

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Would you like more details? If you want to benchmark your salary against the market with additional parameters such as industry segment, region, company size, compensation components, etc., you can use our individual salary check – free of charge, without obligation and completely anonymously.