We take responsibility for our actions. For us, sustainability is not an empty phrase, but an important commitment concerning our business, the environment and society:


For every search assignment, we seek to achieve long-term placements with possibilities for career development. We respect our clients and candidates and are aware of our responsibilities towards them. Most of our engagements are follow-up engagements of longstanding clients. Every day, candidates show their trust in us when they make unsolicited applications. Our 40-year track record at Rau Consultants is both testament to our integrity as well as a challenge for our future.

Rau Consultants' team

The people who work for us represent our capital. We support them by reconciling family and work through flexible working models, lifelong working time accounts, pension schemes, investments in training, low staff turnover, good possibilities for development, financing of additional qualifications and many other measures.


We support a range of non-profit foundations and associations. In addition to our donations, we also offer pro bono projects, where we provide our services in the areas of recruiting, HR marketing, training, training concepts and coaching, free of charge. In addition, Rau Consultants supports its employees in their personal social engagements, granting days off for non-profit work and doubling each private donation.


We became climate neutral in 2013. We achieved this by measuring and reducing our CO<sub>2</sub> and compensating the remaining CO<sub>2</sub> emissions through certified climate projects, which also provide positive additional social and economic side effects. In a sense, this makes us "more than neutral". For more information, please refer to the Climate Report 2014.