We cooperate with the following companies and institutions. In some cases, the cooperation has been very close and lasted for many years. These relationships have enabled us to strengthen our network, our industry and HR expertise and to offer additional services:

Internationale Personalberater Allianz

International Food Recruitment Alliance (IFR-A)

  • Local support of international companies with uniform processes and one standard of quality. International search via various local search channels. Always over 300 job offers for candidates in Europe and abroad.

Media partners

  • Foodjobs.de
    Online media agency with special industry packages at preferential terms, online advertising, publication of salary checks, cooperation at career fairs, joint workshops and training of candidates.
  • Deutscher Fachverlag / Lebensmittelzeitung
    Print and online advertising at preferential terms, publication of the periodic salary check, publication of articles and studies, workshops and CV check at the LZ Career Day Event.
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung / Südwest Medienholding

    Advertising / media partner, partner at the ICOM Career Fair (CV check, talk, podium discussion) participation in the consultant round table to initiate new offers in the field of recruiting.

Universities, higher education institutions, other education institutions

  • TU Munich
    Applicant training courses and workshops for food technologists, food economists and ecotrophologists in Weihenstephan and Triesdorf.
  • University of Hohenheim
    Applicant training courses and workshops for food technologists, placement for internships and master theses, research contracts.
  • University of Hannover
    Awarding of the Rau Consultants Advance Award, lecture 'HR management' in the faculty for biotechnology, research contracts, placement for master theses, applicant training courses and workshops.
  • Fachschule für Milchwirtschaft Kempten
    Applicant training courses and workshops for dairy supervisors and technicians.
  • Fachschule für milchwirtschaftliche Laborwesen Triesdorf
    Applicant training courses and workshops for laboratory managers and technicians.


  • Verband Weihenstephaner Milchwirtschaftler und Lebensmitteltechnologen
    Presentations, applicant training, network for job offers and candidate sourcing
  • Ahlemer Ingenieure - Verein der Ehemaligen der Studiengänge in Hannover-Ahlem
    Sponsoring member, involvement in content and concept of the Ahlem symposium, presentations and workshops
  • Gesellschaft Deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologen
    Workshops and presentations on the topic "A career in the food industry"
  • Milchkonferenz Wien
    Workshops, presentations, involvement in content and concept

Consultancy and services

  • Von Rundstedt
    Outplacement consulting for candidates and organisations at preferential terms, placement of coaches.
  • SKP Personal- und Managementberatung
    Outplacement and career consulting for candidates and organisations at preferential terms, placement of coaches.
  • DIAMIC Solutions
    Development of a system for testing the job-related personality profile for executives, sales functions and experts
  • GKC - Dr. Öttl und Partner - Dairy and Food Consulting
    Mutual support on HR issues and questions relating to procedures, planning and controlling 
  • Change Factory
    Cooperation on change consultancy - stand-alone and in the context of permanent or interim placements
  • management angels
    Cooperation on interim placements for positions without specific requirements of the food industry
  • Höferle Consulting
    Intercultural consultancy, onboarding support for international placements and deployments, destination services with focus on the US
  • Margarete Dietz
    Studies, analyses and concepts relating to 'Global Compensation & Benefits'

Private Equity

  • NORD Holding
    HR due diligence, management audit, executive placement, interim placement for participations in the food industry, partner for leveraged MBIs and MBOs for medium-sized companies in the food industry
  • Adcuram Group
    Management audit and placement of executives and experts, interim placement