Our Services

Our services are characterized by:

  • Independence and competence in solving all HR-challenges.
  • Assignment of qualified consultants and trainers with many years of management experience, high social skills, reliability and commitment.
  • Individual solutions with great dedication instead of off-the-peg solutions.
  • Close cooperation as partners.
  • Absolute secrecy and confidentiality all around.

We offer you integrated solutions all around people, from analysis to realization. YOU define the degree of integration according to your needs:

  • Classic consulting: Full service from the analysis to implementation, with very intensive involvement of your executives.
  • Moderation/Training: Moderation of development processes, empowering and mobilizing your potential.
  • Coaching: We accompany you on your development track, with all our experience and personal integrity.

Rau Consultants GmbH . Friedenheimer Brücke 21 . 80639 München . Internet: www.rau-consultants.de
Telefon: (089) 1895520-0 . Telefax: (0 81 53) 90 60-10 . Email: info(at)rau-consultants.de